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DiPaolo Walker is a Colorado-based law firm in Carbondale serving both mountain and Front Range communities. A client-focused firm, we tailor solutions to the people and businesses we serve.

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Charges related to driving under the influence create problems for one’s driving privileges, employment, and liberty. The Carbondale law firm of DiPaolo Walker can help steer you through the process, negotiate reduced charges and potential punishments, and help determine whether a jury trial may be the correct choice. Our experience sets us apart, and you will be in good hands with DiPaolo Walker.

Estate Planning

No one likes to dwell on potential outcomes, but the Carbondale based law firm of DiPaolo Walker is here to help you prepare for and weather the storm. DiPaolo Walker will make sure you, your estate, and your family are prepared for all possibilities. We help create peace of mind with the knowledge that your affairs are in order.

Business Contracts

With over fifteen years of experience in commercial transactions at Fortune 500 companies and startups, the attorneys at DiPaolo Walker will help you navigate the pitfalls of business transactions.

Integrity, Respect, Value

With our legal principles and our desire for justice being our first and foremost value, we always try to diversify the range of cases which we take on. Our Carbondale law firm of business, criminal, and immigration attorneys help big and small businesses and individuals.

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Contract Issue
Andrew helped me with a contractual issue dealing with an organization that I had contracted with concerning child care. My rights under the contract were not great, but Andrew was able to help me understand the actions I could take, and possible outcomes. I enjoyed working with him and appreciate his help. In the future, I plan to have Andrew review my contracts prior to signing.
— Denver Resident, May 2020
Energy Transaction
I worked with Andrew on a couple of commercial transactions, and highly recommend him. Andrew's prior years of commercial experience gave me an edge in the transactions and pushed us ahead of the competition.
— Business Client, Chief Executive Officer of an energy company, August 2020
Landlord -Tenant
I manage a property and worked with Andrew on a tenant issue. He was very helpful, and made a stressful process as easy as it could be.
— Real Estate Client, September, 2020