Getting a DUI does not have to be catastrophic. Let our legal team fight for your driving privileges, your personal freedoms, and your quality of life.
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Receiving a DUI (driving under the influence) or a DWAI (driving while ability impaired) can be devastating. The consequences can stay with you forever. Your driving privileges may be revoked; your personal freedom may be affected; and your criminal record may reflect this momentary lapse in judgment forever. People who receive a DUI or a DWAI may wish they could be granted a second chance.

At DiPaolo Walker, we can not change the past, but we can provide invaluable legal services as you walk through this difficult time. No one should need to face the consequences of his or her DUI or DWAI charge isolated and alone. You need an experienced Carbondale based DUI lawyer who can work to get jail time reduced, fines decreased, and driving privileges reinstated. DiPaolo Walker is the team of legal experts to advocate for you.

Our Carbondale based DUI lawyers and DWAI attorneys can assist you with many elements relating to your charges. Since every case is different, we cannot promise your outcome, but we will bring our A-game to your situation, and we will not rest until we’ve done everything we can to benefit you and your case. Your DiPaolo Walker DUI lawyer in Carbondale will:

● Work to get jail time reduced or eliminated.
● Advocate for the reduction of any fines or fees.
● Fight for the reinstatement of driving privileges.
● Offer you valuable expert legal advice.

Here at DiPaolo Walker, we take your quality of life seriously. When you’re facing DUI or DWAI charges, our DUI lawyers and DWAI attorneys in Carbondale will do everything in our power to get you an outcome that you can live with. If you are ready to learn more about what DiPaolo Walker can do for you including driver’s license reinstatement, contact our Carbondale team today to schedule a consultation.

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