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There was a time in our country’s history when there were no limits on the use of energy—it was a completely unregulated resource. Times have drastically changed, and there are strict laws and regulations on the consumption of both traditional and renewable energy. As technology has progressed, we have transitioned from conventional energy sources to the use of green, renewable energy. With so many heavy regulations on your energy ventures, it is important to seek the right legal representation. No matter what your energy project is, you need an experienced energy lawyer who can properly and professionally advocate for your interests. 

Energy law is unique to any other branch of law, and it requires attorneys who are experienced with every aspect of energy regulations and requirements. DiPaolo Walker understands the unique nature of practicing energy law, and our attorneys can assist you in each facet of your energy venture or project, including: 

● Power purchase agreements 

● Supply agreements 

● Transportation agreements 

● Joint ventures 

● Land issues 

When it comes to energy law, DiPaolo Walker understands it all, and we’re ready to fight for your interests. Contact our team of energy attorneys at DiPaolo Walker today to schedule your consultation.


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