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The road to citizenship in the U.S. can be a lengthy one, often filled with obstacles, and the process can be overwhelming. Between court dates, required documentation, criminal history disclosures, and everything else, if you feel that you could use an advocate, it might be time to contact an immigration attorney in Carbondale. Immigration attorneys can assist with visa applications, deportation issues, employment for noncitizens, advocacy with criminal charges, and much more. There are numerous reasons that an individual may require an immigration lawyer. 


Common Reasons to Work with our Immigration Attorneys in Carbondale:

● The applicant has been convicted of committing a crime. 

● An application for citizenship has previously been denied. 

● An individual has been deported or forbidden from entry. 

● The individual applying for citizenship has a medical condition. 

● The application process has taken an extraordinarily long time. 

● A U.S. employer is being uncooperative regarding work visas. 

● The applicant’s marriage to a U.S. citizen ended prematurely. 

● There is a child who will turn 21 before citizenship is permanent. 

● The process has begun but the applicant is not sure how to proceed. 

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