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Business Formation

It is important to start on the right foot and pick the best tool to get the job done. DiPaolo Walker helps clients select and form the correct type of business entity and take the right steps for a successful venture.

Estate Planning

No one likes to dwell on potential outcomes, but DiPaolo Walker is here to help you prepare for and weather the storm. DiPaolo Walker will make sure you, your estate, and your family are prepared for all possibilities. We help create peace of mind with the knowledge that your affairs are in order.

Business Contracts

With over fifteen years of experience in commercial transactions at Fortune 500 companies and startups, the attorneys at DiPaolo Walker will help you navigate the pitfalls of business transactions.


America is transitioning from hydrocarbons and traditional energy to a greener energy future. From commodity trading to project development, DiPaolo Walker can assist its clients in navigating all aspects of both traditional and renewable energy projects.

- Power Purchase Agreements
- Supply Agreements
- Transportations Agreements
- Joint Ventures
- Land Issues

Petroleum (Oil & Gas)

Whether it’s our Texas roots or our history in putting together oil, natural gas, or products transactions, DiPaolo Walker has a deep connection to traditional energy. Our focus lies on the midstream and marketing space, covering gathering, processing, transportation, and trading.

- Gathering and Processing
- Transportation Service Agreements
- Lease Agreements


Nerve-wracking, aggravating, perhaps embarrassing, being charged with a traffic offense or crime is not fun.

The experienced attorneys at DiPaolo Walker are here to help you get through this trying time. We assess the prosecution’s evidence, negotiate plea agreements, determine the wisdom of demanding a jury trial, and mitigate the potential for punishment. During each of these steps above, we keep our clients informed and involved.

Having prosecuted and defended crimes, DiPaolo Walker has a wealth of experience with the following areas of traffic and criminal law: Traffic Infractions and Misdemeanors; offenses related to driving under the influence (DUI, DUID, DWAI, Vehicular Assault, Vehicular Homicide;) Drug Possession and Possession with Intent; Domestic Violence; crimes against persons; crimes against property; and “white collar” crimes.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations are generally viewed as minor offenses, but they often have serious repercussions to one’s driver license. DiPaolo Walker will help you understand these potential repercussions and negotiate a defendant-friendly plea offer.


Charges related to driving under the influence create problems for one’s driving privileges, employment, and liberty. DiPaolo Walker can help steer you through the process, negotiate reduced charges and potential punishments, and help determine whether a jury trial may be the correct choice. Our experience sets us apart, and you will be in good hands with DiPaolo Walker.

Real Estate

DiPaolo Walker can handle your sales agreements, rental and lease agreements, lessee-lessor disputes, landlord-tenant issues, and other real estate issues. Our firm works with first time buyers and investors alike. Whether commercial or residential, DiPaolo Walker is here for your real estate needs.

Personal Injury

When a person is injured or killed due to the negligence of another, the aftermath is devastating. DiPaolo Walker will fight to make things right for you and your family.

- Automobile Accidents
- Tractor Trailer Accidents
- Ski Accidents

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